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Why Prezi Helps You Make Better Presentations

By Alex Schiff, University of Michigan Microsoft PowerPoint has been the default presentation creator since I was in middle school. They’ve been so dominant that my classmates would frequently use the words presentation and PowerPoint interchangeably, much like Kleenex and tissues. But since about March, I’ve been using a new tool called Prezi — and … Continue reading

Three Things I’ve Learned As A First-Time Entrepreneur

By Alex Schiff, University of Michigan Unlike most of my peers at Ross School of Business, I shunned the traditional sophomore internship or job this summer to work on my startup, Fetchnotes. With the start of classes yesterday, I wanted to share a few lessons I learned this summer in my first four months as … Continue reading

Superhighway Smarts

By Alex Biles, University of Michigan Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. And I distinctly remember thinking about her upcoming celebration this past weekend. Yet, over the last couple days, this anticipation vacated my brain to the point where I completely forgot (I am a terrible child *gulp*). That is, until I initiated the daily ritual … Continue reading

Renewed Battle Between Facebook and Google Goes Beyond Services

By Hunter Burk, University of Michigan  You’ve probably heard plenty over the last month about Google+ and its Circles and Hangouts and whathaveyous. But don’t let anyone fool you. While Circles definitely gives Google+ a feel unique from Facebook’s, for the most part any gap in features between the two services should be closed quickly … Continue reading

Cheap Shots: China’s Apple Stoers

By Alex Biles, University of Michigan Apple’s instantly recognizable logo is known for its trademark bite, but what about its stores? Some crafty entrepreneurs in China have made biting Apple their trademark with the opening of what appear to be Apple stores, or in some special cases, “stoers.” Source: BirdAbroad As reported in an excellent blog piece … Continue reading

Are We Turning Google into our Big Brother?

By Vanessa Rychlinski, University of Michigan Imagine living on an island with no technology.  Simple inventions like hammers and knives are the only real tools.  The knowledge you possess has been passed down to you by the elder generation, and it is limited to information relevant to surviving on this particular island. Any news is … Continue reading

Just Shut Up And Listen

By Alex Schiff, University of Michigan On Monday night I spent the night in Tawas City, MI with five friends I’ve known since elementary school. We had a bonfire and sat around talking about any number of things a group of 20-year-old guys talk about. As the night turned into early morning, the conversation grew … Continue reading

Facebook’s Creepy Facial Recognition Software and How to Disable It

By Kaitlyn Jakola, Northwestern University One thing that is certain about the future is that, when it comes, computers and/or robots will overthrow humans, launching us into a post-apocalyptic nightmare resembling either The Terminator or The Matrix. Sci-fi nerds have long debated the form of the mechanical scourge that will swiftly bring about humanity’s demise. … Continue reading

Why is Everyone Picking on Sony?

By Hunter Burk, University of Michigan How quickly things can change. Just five years ago, Sony sold 150 million Playstation 2 units, the highest sales numbers ever for a home console. A technological behemoth was about to be unleashed in the PlayStation 3. Fast forward to the present and one can see that the PS3 … Continue reading

Whacky Wiki: How Some Wikipedia Restrictions Have the Potential to Reduce Content Quality

By Alex Biles, University of Michigan Fans of mashup extraordinaire Gregg Gillis – better known as Girl Talk – are well-aware of the weaved patchwork of infectious samples that make up his music. Ranging from your Top 40 fare to the arcane, Girl Talk has culled hundreds of different samples for each of his albums. … Continue reading