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How College Can Be Improved

Students Need to Learn Practical Skills and Gain Real-World Experience By Margaret Smith, North Carolina State University Hands down, college is a great experience. There is a degree of independence while still within a scheduled academic environment, so it’s like having the best of both worlds. However, the university setting is becoming less and less … Continue reading

Find Your Inner Morning Person

Learn How to Be a Morning Person By Liz McLaughlin, University of North Carolina “I can never fall asleep before midnight.” “Once I fall asleep, I find that I have to use multiple alarms to get me up.” “I often pull all-nighters.” “I avoid morning classes or morning commitments due to my difficulty waking up … Continue reading

College Nights

By Jay Simpson, Clarion University of Pennsylvania Where does this feeling come from? An inaudible explosion between the ears, walls squeezing rapidly closer, vision blurred by dry tears; Stress, the invisible predator, can destroy potential success if one lacks a coping mechanism. Modern studies have suggested that stress induced factors affect the sleep cycle, biological … Continue reading

Books vs. E-Books

By Margaret Smith, North Carolina State University The beeping and flashing lights of many different gadgets has saturated our world. A good part of our day is spent looking at screens: computer monitors, televisions (ubiquitous in so many restaurants and waiting rooms), cell phones, e-reading devices, and much more. It’s understandable that we might feel … Continue reading

Borders #1

By Micah Akuezue, UCLA This article isn’t so much about a beloved, fallen bookstore, but rather, fittingly enough, a literary term: juxtaposition. On an early Friday morning, after a night of finishing Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts, I was greeted by a farewell email from Borders. I forced myself to read the letter—twice, … Continue reading

Turning Down Google

By Danielle Ryan, Trinity College On Dec. 7, 2011, I will graduate from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in business and German. I finished my final exams on May 26. On June 17, I turned down an interview with Google. Hold up. You what? Yes, I turned down an interview with Google. No, I’m … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Losing Your Entire Hard Drive

By Danielle Ryan, Trinity College Sunday morning. July 10. I decide hey, I know what I’ll do, I’ll write my first article for The New Student Union. So, I shower (the relevance of this will become clear), and brainstorm some ideas. I bring my laptop into the bathroom with me (I sometimes do that you … Continue reading

I Get By With a Little Help From Procrastination

By Colleen Ladd, University of Central Florida Procrastination may be the best act of inaction that goes on in my college life, behind drinking like a fish and embodying my personal freedom from elders beyond the expected maturity mold and into a shapeless idiot. Its 8:34 PM on a Monday night in July. I am … Continue reading

Adderall: The Magic, Straight “A” Pill

Straight ‘A’ Magic Pill By: Jay Simpson, Clarion University of Pennsylvania College students are constantly pressured by competition. Before enrollment scholars were told that without good grades and a high SAT score they will not be accepted into a great university. During their first year a freshman must compete with other students in the dorms, … Continue reading

Orientation in Moshi (Part Two)

By Erin Kesler, Boston College Tuesday began with me attempting to blow-dry my hair and instead, blowing up my adapter. It seems that someone is trying to teach me a little lesson about superficiality and it looks like I will be sporting a half-curly/wavy dysfunctional hairdo for the rest of my time in Africa. The … Continue reading