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Is It Time for the Philadelphia Eagles to Panic?

Green Blood or Not, an Eagles Bust Remains a Possibility By Alex Biles, University of Michigan “The Dream Team” is living a nightmare. OK, that statement may be about as exaggerated as its point of reference, but if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan (like me), you have to be feeling a little concerned right now about … Continue reading

Reclaiming History

By Micah Akuezue, UCLA Just like that, another NHL season has come to a close. Tim Thomas has claimed his Vezina trophy, the Green Men have stored away their spandex, and Don Cherry has stowed away his suits. Usually around this time, about a week before the free agency scramble begins on July 1, the … Continue reading

No Tiger, No Problem

By Jeremy Brown, Western Kentucky University The two questions surrounding golf these days are: ‘Will Tiger Woods ever be Tiger again?’ and ‘Is Rory McIlroy the new Tiger?’ Enough about Tiger this, Tiger that. Golf is just fine without him. The world, the media, and the golfing community were, and frankly still are, absorbed by … Continue reading

History Will Be Manufactured

By Micah Akuezue, UCLA I remember where I was when Steve Yzerman scored the game-winning goal in double overtime of game seven over the St. Louis Blues, advancing the Detroit Red Wings to the Western Conference Finals back in 1996. It was a Thursday night, on May 16, when I should very well have been in bed … Continue reading

New Bat Technology Said to Make Safer Game

By Amanda Borges, Florida State University The NCAA has developed a new baseball bat that is designed to make the game safer. The bat’s features include a gauge that measures energy lost from ball impact, trampoline effect on a ball and a “sweet spot” that cause balls to leave the bat slower than old bats. What … Continue reading