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How to Not Suck at Being a Professional Musician

By John Roemhild, North Central University (MN) Let’s quickly run through all the established good advice your music teachers have given you about becoming successful: skill is not equated to how fast you can play; take all the opportunities you can get to play because you never know where they might lead; if you’re looking … Continue reading

What Happens After College: In Five Depressing Stages

By Danielle Ryan, Trinity College Stage One: Elation. You’re finally done. Free from assignments. Free from professors. Free from exams. Free to do whatever you please! Term paper induced all-nighters are a thing of the past. Next time you’re up until dawn it will be by choice. So things are looking pretty good.  You’ve got … Continue reading

Food for Thought

By John Roemhild, North Central University (MN) A couple nights ago I was cooking for my roommate and myself, and I made admittedly the worst (and strangest) dinner I’ve had in quite some time. We started with an appetizer of box mix chocolate chip muffins, a la brûlé. That’s how the French say, “with the … Continue reading


By Colleen Ladd, University of Central Florida I’m a 90s kid. Born in ’91. With orange bits of Nickelodeon TV shows, printed bits of Goosebumps chapter books, pleather bits of K-Swiss and Sketcher shoes and color swatch bits of the Power Rangers, my childhood memories make a nostalgic, mosaic painting. I woke up early on Saturday … Continue reading

Angry Young Thoughts

By Derek Kusa, University of Michigan Furious keystrokes dissolve into a lilting melody, the accompaniment to a building march. The fury rears up once more and the cycle repeats before Billy Joel castrates it by reminding his audience that “there’s a place in the world for the angry young man.” As far as I, a … Continue reading

so you’re a hipster.

By Courtney Zott, Michigan State University They’re stacking their empty Pabst Blue Ribbon cans on the wooden counter with gusto as some half symphonic, half electro-pop song blares in the background. One remarks to the other through a mouthful of unlit cigarette on the sheer volume of alcohol they’ve consumed—surely enough to qualify themselves as … Continue reading

Borders #1

By Micah Akuezue, UCLA This article isn’t so much about a beloved, fallen bookstore, but rather, fittingly enough, a literary term: juxtaposition. On an early Friday morning, after a night of finishing Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts, I was greeted by a farewell email from Borders. I forced myself to read the letter—twice, … Continue reading

Corruption: Are We Doomed?

By Colleen Ladd, University of Central Florida Has society always been corrupt or are we increasingly growing more formidable as time progresses? All in a day’s time, one can witness a tweeted pic of a “Wiener” from a politician, a maid reveal about her hidden child with a governor robot who promised he’d “be back”, … Continue reading

The Two Kinds of Caring People

By John Roemhild, North Central University (MN) A high school student from my area committed suicide this past year. I didn’t know him, but I attended his class’ graduation ceremony, where a special mention was given in his honor. As the whole arena — this was a class of four-hundred-some students and their family members … Continue reading

I Get By With a Little Help From Procrastination

By Colleen Ladd, University of Central Florida Procrastination may be the best act of inaction that goes on in my college life, behind drinking like a fish and embodying my personal freedom from elders beyond the expected maturity mold and into a shapeless idiot. Its 8:34 PM on a Monday night in July. I am … Continue reading