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Cheap Shots: New Report Confirms Teachers Cheating

By Yeha Youm, University of Michigan In July, an extensive investigation revealed that 178 teachers and principals at 44 Atlanta public schools were found to be involved in cheating on the state’s standardized test. These standardized tests are given to students but their performance is heavily linked to school, teacher and district evaluations. Julie Rodgers-Martin … Continue reading

Cheap Shots: A Co-founder’s Take on the Other Co-founder’s Debt Ceiling Take

By Alex Biles, University of Michigan After giving fellow co-founder Alex Schiff’s excellent take on the U.S. debt ceiling debacle some thought, I found myself in agreement with much of it. Considering our countless lunches with departures marked on an agreement to disagree, this was slightly unexpected. I have a few comments of my own … Continue reading

Cheap Shots: China’s Apple Stoers

By Alex Biles, University of Michigan Apple’s instantly recognizable logo is known for its trademark bite, but what about its stores? Some crafty entrepreneurs in China have made biting Apple their trademark with the opening of what appear to be Apple stores, or in some special cases, “stoers.” Source: BirdAbroad As reported in an excellent blog piece … Continue reading

Cheap Shots: TSA Not a Fan of Reciprocity

By Alex Biles, University of Michigan We have heard about the horror stories involving travelers and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees again and again. There’s also the new bureaucracy’s attempt to gain collective bargaining rights, which has infuriated many, including yours truly. But let’s be reasonable here. These are extreme anecdotes and hardly representative of the agency … Continue reading

Cheap Shots: Jon Huntsman Speaking Mandarin

Cheap Shots (tentatively titled) will be the blog component of The New Student Union, where you will find short pieces and random points of interest, such as this. Any feedback on the feature and the name is encouraged. By Alex Biles, University of Michigan Former United States Ambassador to China and Utah governor, Jon Huntsman, officially … Continue reading