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Album Review: Ryan Adams — Ashes & Fire

Ryan Adams Ashes & Fire PAX AM / Capitol (2011) By Alex Biles, University of Michigan “Twelve elegant country songs,” Ryan Adams told Q Magazine back in July, bluntly summing up his latest retreat to the studio. If ratings hinged on pre-release promises, our auteur would be flirting with perfection (excepting the fact the record … Continue reading

Film Review: Machine Gun Preacher

By Kathleen M. O’Donnell, City College of New York It’s rare that a cinematic film opens with a scene of an African village being burned to the ground. It’s even more curious that the next scene shows heartthrob Gerard Butler being released from prison. These are just the start of the confusing elements in Machine … Continue reading

Film Review: Contagion

By Kathleen M. O’Donnell, City College of New York At the end of a summer full of superheroes, wizards, and buddy flicks, wanting to see an academic film about a global epidemic comes slow. Perhaps that’s why director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s Eleven, Traffic) packed the cast of Contagion with all of our silver screen favorites. … Continue reading

Album Review: Centro-Matic — Fort Recovery

Centro-Matic Fort Recovery Misra (2006) By Alex Biles, University of Michigan I was clued into Centro-Matic’s existence back in April while interviewing Jason Isbell*, who named-dropped the Denton, Texas quartet when I asked him what music he was into, adding the label “great” to his brief description. I wouldn’t get off my ass and track … Continue reading

A Taste of Death

By Alex Biles, University of Michigan To stereotype punk culture is oxymoronic. But considering the big names often associated with its early days, one might be surprised at the fact that among the genre’s pioneering visionaries stood the little-known Hackney brothers, a threesome of African-American teenagers and Detroit natives, recognized collectively as Death. As early … Continue reading

Album Review: My Morning Jacket — Circuital

By Alex Biles, University of Michigan Somewhere in my Documents folder, between a half-finished column about submarines and the electronic version of a resume that I submitted to Perkins Family Restaurant, lies a review of the title track for My Morning Jacket’s latest offering. I never got around to posting it, but I end with … Continue reading