Cheap Shots

Cheap Shots: TSA Not a Fan of Reciprocity

By Alex Biles, University of Michigan

We have heard about the horror stories involving travelers and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees again and again. There’s also the new bureaucracy’s attempt to gain collective bargaining rights, which has infuriated many, including yours truly.

But let’s be reasonable here. These are extreme anecdotes and hardly representative of the agency as a whole. I fly several times a year and have never encountered any major problems with the TSA. Those who call for the agency’s abolition come off as rather reactionary. While I was decidedly in that camp for some time, I’ve eased my hostility toward the TSA, mostly after being convinced by Tyler Cowen’s take.

Yet, that does little to diminish the humorous irony when the reverse occurs. That’s exactly what happened when 61-year-old Yukari Mihamae was arrested Thursday for squeezing and twisting the breast of a female TSA agent with both hands.

The incident took place at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, where Mihamae would later admit to the crime, but gave no motive for her actions.



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