New Bat Technology Said to Make Safer Game

By Amanda BorgesFlorida State University

The NCAA has developed a new baseball bat that is designed to make the game safer. The bat’s features include a gauge that measures energy lost from ball impact, trampoline effect on a ball and a “sweet spot” that cause balls to leave the bat slower than old bats.
What is the reasoning behind this new technology? Officials say that pitchers’ safety became an issue from the use of old bats. These old bats increase the speed of a fast pitch ball, causing the ball to reach the pitching mound in less than one second. Besides the speed of the comeback, the force of the ball is strong enough to do serious damage to any uncovered body part.

Because of these risks, the newer, more “safe” baseball bat has been designed. The B.B.C.O.R or Ball Back Coefficient of Restitution bat has trampoline-like springs that slow the ball’s energy output during the swing. This seems a little too high-tech for a bat, but the NCAA is confident that this will ensure a safer game for the entire team.
After testing the B.B.C.O.R, ESPN found that it is more difficult to hit a home run than it was with the old bat. Home runs have already decreased by 35% by teams who have been using this “safer” technology.

Is this really what the NCAA wanted? They may have made the game safer for players, but it seems they may have made college baseball more boring for its fans. Learn more by watching the video.



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